Private and Group Lessons

I have enjoyed teaching group and private art lessons to students of all ages for many years. 

Continual weekly or biweekly lessons provide a great opportunity for you to grow as an artist and develop skills and techniques.


Classes can be customized for each artist as everyone may have different interests in subject matter and mediums. 


Mediums to explore: 



charcoal pastel 


color pencil 



Most importantly, classes allow students to have fun while exploring the creativity that lives within each one of us!


Please contact me for more information regarding prices and availability.


I cannot wait to create art with you!!

Remote Learning


My students can explore various mediums and techniques during in person classes or classes held remotely via Zoom.

Remote lessons offer a great opportunity for students to learn art comfortably in there own home.

I have enjoyed group classes though zoom with friends and family members located in different states. These classes provide a great way for friends to stay connected even though they are apart!