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Artist Biography 

My name is Terra Novak. I was born and raised in Las Vegas,Nevada  and now live with my husband and two children in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


I have loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I especially fell in love with the classical styles, which led me to get a degree in fine art at Laguna College of Art and Design.


I would define myself as primarily a contemporary realist painter and I especially love portraiture. Of the many mediums I use, I really connect to painting in oil. I feel like I make a connection with my subjects through portraiture, capturing their true nature and spirit in my work. I especially like this when the sitter is in a natural setting. Composition and lighting are specific to each individual painting.

I was so proud when my work was published in Southwest Arts, an article about ’21 under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2014’, and when I was chosen as a contender on GSN’s Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.


I continue to study and hone my craft and really love inspiring and instructing young artists.